“In the long run, where do you wanna be? Where do you wanna go to in the next five years? That are two different although related questions that you should consider.” – Associate Professor, College of Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Director of the Tourism Industry Data Analytics Lab (TIDAL) of Sejong University.

The first lecture on the Kinaray-a Kumperensiya 2024- HantiQuest: Latu sa Pananaliksik International Lecture Series with Dr. Seu Ki Lee from Sejong University, was a success.

With 385 onsite participants and 184 online participants from UA’s external campuses and its partner institution, Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), Dr. Lee on his topic “Data-based Revenue Management: Theory and Principles” cited awe-inspiring practices and examples from his experiences in Korea, Japan, and United States.

Excited to learn more about the Hospitality and Tourism Industry?
Join us on May 13, as we continue to delve deeper on assessing the current trend on democratized software and the effects that it may bring to the future of tourism and hospitality with Dr. Ian Sutherland of Kyung-in Women’s University.