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Center of reliable information in science and technology by 2022.


The University Library strengthens the UA academic community by providing, presenting and preserving an organized information resources implementing the mission of the university.


1. To develop, enrich, and maintain library materials in all formats to satisfy the standards and to support the curricular and research needs of the UA community.
2. To provide state-of-the-art physical and technological infrastructure to enhance the quality of library services.
3. To strengthen participation in resource sharing programs and widen collaboration with the community partners.
4. To pursue professional development program for the library staff of the university.
5. To develop a repository of specialized collection unique in every campus to preserve the cultural heritage and establish niches to support scholarship and research in the field.



The Antique School of Arts and Trade were established on January 19, 1954 by Republic Act No. 851, through the efforts of the late Congressman Tobias A. Fornier. It was converted to the Polytechnic State College of Antique on November 14, 1982 by Parliamentary Bill No, 912 authored by Arturo F. Pacificador for the countryside development and dispersal of institution of higher learning to the rural areas. On November 10, 2009, former president Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo signed R.A 9746, converting PSCA into the University of Antique through the efforts of Congressman Exequiel B. Javier.

The college Library has always been an integral part of the Polytechnic State College of Antique, since its founding in January 1954. It was first located at the ground floor of the old Academic Building but later it was transferred to the second floor. The first Librarian was Ms. Aurora Lotilla and was succeeded by Mrs. Josefina Esponilla, with Mrs. Crisanta Villarin as the assistant to the librarian. After the death of Esponilla, Mrs. Epifania N. Revilla was hired as Librarian III assisted by Mrs. Mildred Español as Librarian I who unfortunately died on November 22, 1999. In June 2003, Mrs. Armila Serrato joined PSCA as Librarian I, the position vacated by the late Mrs. Español. When Mrs. Revilla retired in January 2004, Mrs. Serrato was appointed as College Librarian III effective August 2004 up to the present.

With the increasing number of Library clients, it was decided to put up a bigger library. Thus, the new Library is now occupying the entire 3rd Floor of the GEB Building starting January 2, 2007. The much larger space provides the library users, comfort and ambiance conducive to reading, research, and study.