Budget Consultation Meeting with Stakeholders

The University of Antique conducted a Budget Consultation Meeting with Stakeholders at UA Convention Hall on March 11.

The activity is considered an essential component in the continuous development of public policy and service, as well as in recognizing and monitoring trends, challenges and perceptions over time with the UA community and its stakeholders.

“We’re trying to achieve our mission through the different functions of the university– instruction, research and extension. To be effective in our functions, we have to consult our stakeholders. UA has some initial discussions of what should be accomplished by 2021 but this is without finality yet; we first have to present this to you, consult you, hear you, and ask for your suggestions before we finally craft the plan of UA for approval,” said Dr. Pablo S. Crespo Jr., University President in his welcome message.

Mrs. Anna Liza S. Berdin, Budget Officer, shared the rationale of the activity while Mr. Jacinto P. Valera, IPAD Director, presented the completed and ongoing projects in 2019 and proposed projects in 2020 for Caluya, Libertad, Hamtic and UA main campus.

Dr. May T. Delgado, Campus Director, also presented the proposed projects in Tario-Lim Memorial Campus.

“If you have noticed in the presentation, our priorities are the classrooms, laboratories and dormitories because we foresee that the population of UA would approach to 20 thousand in the next academic year starting August,” Dr. Crespo added.

After the presentation of the proposed projects, an open forum was conducted to give the stakeholders the opportunity to give suggestions and ask questions about the university’s proposed plans for 2021.