“They left their hearts in Antique, and now they return because they love Antique and they love University of Antique,” – Dr. Pablo S. Crespo Jr., University President.
Months after the successful face-to-face UA-DU STEAM Camp, four students from Daegu University, South Korea are back at University of Antique for a month-long internship program.
In a Pre-service Training Program held today at Paghi-usa Hall, Son Jinhong and Kim Minseo who are both major in English, Choi Jin Hyeok in Science, and Jang Dayeong in Chemistry Science, were formally accepted as part of Pre-service Teachers through a symbolic turning -over of Student Teaching Uniform and the pinning of nameplates.
Dr. Jeongho “Daniel” Cha, Vice-Dean of College of Education, Daegu University, on his message shared his belief that it takes an academic village to raise quality teachers and acknowledged that UA has that sound academic system to train pre-service teachers.
Dr. Crespo also stated how happy and proud he is that the four Korean students chose to have their internship at UA. He also wished all the interns under the College of Teacher Education an impactful internship, saying “May your internship will have an impact in you particularly in your heart that would tell you that if you choose to become a teacher… you would say ‘I was right in choosing my profession’.”
On the account of Dr. Jelyn O. Alentajan, Vice-president for Academic Affairs, this is the first time that the academe will have foreign students as interns, and shared her hope that in the near future UA can also send interns to Korea to teach there.
The Korean students will have their internship at the UA Laboratory High School after completing the Pre-service Training Program./IU