bUlig sA sUr Relief Drive: A Relief Operation to Affected Communities Caused By Typhoon Odette

The entire University of Antique community is still disheartened by the devastation caused by typhoon Odette to affected areas in the province leaving some families hopeless and daunted by its aftermath. As one family, the university takes a toil of showing camaraderie and support embracing again the spirit of kinship in times like this.
In this light, we plan to drive in a relief operation to affected communities in the Municipality of Anini-y to aid them rebuild their hopes by distributing relief goods to them. However, we cannot do this alone. Hence, we knock in your kindest hearts to share any amount that could help us realize this cause (bUlig sA sur relief drive). This will commence during the celebration of the University’s Foundation Day on January 19, 2022 thru Fun Ride (with the Kasubaykers) For A Cause, 6:00 AM and to be ensued by a Band For A Cause (Blitzkreig Band), 6:00 PM inviting faculty members, staff and alumni to enjoin us as we incite attendees to share your generosity during the event. It will not just be a fun-filled night but of warmth and sodality amongst UA family. The attendees however are all advised to bring your vaccination card and still observe minimum health requirements prescribed by the local IATF. Finally, for those who will not be attending, you are still encouraged to extend your help by donating any amount you can share to the typhoon victims in your respective college dean or staff.
May your benevolence return a thousand fold of plentitude as we help our brothers and sisters revivify their loss and redefine life amidst the challenge faced.